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About the Band

The Shake Daddys was founded by blues singer and harp player Dan Schilling, host of the popular Blues n' Brews show which boasts over 670 consecutive weekly shows in Madison, WI.  

The Shake Daddys dish out a sweet mix of Texas, Chicago, Swing, Shuffle, Funk, and Delta blues to entertain crowds that love to boogie. They also throw out an occasional old-school rock n' roll tune or even a country song just to catch people off guard. They play songs that compel crowds to tap their toes, snap their fingers, and get up and dance!

Front man, Dan Schilling engages audiences with his sense of humor and his fluid vocal styling. He is also a prolific song writer with fans requesting original Shake Daddys songs. He has performed for crowds of 30 to 3,000, sharing music from the inside out.

The Shake Daddys always leave people wanting more. See the page with unsolicited testimonials from fans.