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Unsolicited Testimonials

Below are UNSOLICITED testimonials sent from Shake Daddys fans:

Quite the crowd - enjoyed it as always...       Kathleen

Even my 80 year old mama loves Shake Daddys blues!   Steve

You guy are Awesome! We will definately be out to see you all again!!!   Dana

We're hooked! A great way to spend a night with truly talented musicians!   Kim

Even though we're East-siders we'll come to wherever you're playing.   Tim

That guy I dragged there said it was the best time of his life!   Carol

The Shake Daddy's are my new favorite band. I haven't seen a show with so much energy   Katy

You guys ALWAYS rock!!! Keep up the good work!!!!   Mike

So glad there is always next Thursday to look forward to hearing the Shake Daddy's!!   Kathy

What a fantastic group of musicians, dancers and patrons last night!!!    Chad

You play a mean harmonica, Dan. Glad I came to see you.   Annie

Always a pleasure listening to the Shake Daddy's...You guys rocked the patio, once again.   Shelly

Dan, you guy's were awesome last night!!!...thank you!!!   Besty

It's becoming a habit :)   Todd

Great gig Dan! You sure know how to rock the house and have some fun!    Steve  

That last song we heard... made me sweat.   Sarah

Dan Schilling (vocals, harps, performer extraordinaire)--he gets the butts shakin!   Shena

AWESOME show!!!!!!   Karen

Thanks Dan and all of the Shake Daddys for an awesome time last night!....just gets better every week (if that’s possible)...since I have had a great time every week!     Lori

A seriously GOOD TIME!    Lisa

Saw you perform, AWESOME MUSIC!!!! Keep up the good work!!   Mike

What a great time! It was awesome. See you next week!! Thanks!   Traci

It's a blast!   Constance

Thanks, Dan, and the Shake Daddys for a great night at Blues n’ Brews!   Steve

Had a blast the other night with you guys!   Karen

I think you are a great performer with plenty of energy...keep it up!    Shena

You sounded really great!!!   John

My granddaughter says "I like the way that man sings” and he says funny things too"   Cindy

DAN'S THE MAN!   Julie

You guys were all fantastic!   Annie

Thanks for the great Blues, Dan!   Danielle

That was awesome to hear the bluesy Zep cover!   Jim

Fun gig last night Dan!   Steve

Being the hipster that I am - I'm only going to the west side for you.   Allison

An awesome night!    John

The Shake Daddy's show was a great time Dan, you guys were awesome!   Karl

Great night of music! I'm glad that I had the chance to show up.   Karen

Danny, this totally rocks, dude! First time I have seen your band...this is like heaven, man!    Jay

Blues-Blues-Blues! FUN!!   Nettie

A Total blast as usual Dan!! Thanks!!!   Chad

Absolutely loved it! You play the music my hips already know!   Lisa

Fabulous show last night! Thank you so much for a great evening out…   Cathy

The stage is his home!   Marjorie

Went there the first time last Thursday. Fantastic time!!!!   Tom

Dan is awesome!   Tracy

What a blast a Blues n’ Brews tonight!!   Jason

Very good blues singer!   Patty

Lordy boy, you blow a mean harpola for real!! Tasty tone, impressed the hell outa everyone!    Steve

Saw you perform, AWESOME MUSIC!!!! Keep up the good work!!   Mike

Thanks, Dan, and the Shake Daddys for a great night at Blues n’ Brews!    Steve

I can't wait to be a part of this again next week…too much fun if there is such a thing!   Reid

Dan…Good s*#@ and great musician!   Lesly

Given a choice between the Packers and the Shake Daddy's, I’ll always take the Shake Daddy's.   Dobie

I need it... hearing you play and having fun always does a soul good!   Piper

Dan...You and the ShakeDaddys rock...   Chad

I had a blast!   Kari

Thank you Dan Schilling for getting me hooked on Brews n’ Blues Night! See ya next week!    Amanda

We had so much fun last night. It was just what we needed!   Cindy

Great seeing you as always! Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us!   Dawn

It was so much fun I can't believe it. The music was so hot. Excellent time had by all. Super amazing!!   Dianne

Great nite, Thanks Dan....   George

Dan... Wherever you play and sing will be fun… you are like that!   Faye

Great players, lots of energy! Fun, fun, fun!!! Thanks, Dan!   Shari

Watching you is like watching a Billy Blanks tae-bo video!   Liz

Dan, just thought I'd let you know that my time at the show was great!   Greg

I have a big old smile on my face today just thinking about it.....   Debbie

Thanks Dan! What a great night of music!   David

See you next week, same time, same place!    Sarah

Great music all night long! What a blast!   Duane

The "joy" was plentiful, thanks to the Shake Daddy's for a great night!   Deb

All y'all can really put on a killer show...Thanks!   Ruth

It was great and great to meet you ...must stay longer next time!!   Audrey

Yeah know we will be there again & again...woohoo..   Shannon

It was a fun night, and you're a great host, Dan.   Bruce

Still smiling about it!    Lisa

You guys were really great! I enjoyed myself watchin’ you Shake Daddys!   Lenti

Blast! Just wanted you to know that I was thinking about the Shake Daddy's.  Smiles!   Ann

I can't thank you enough my friend! As always... it was a complete and total thrill!   CC

On our way tonight and bringing others with! Promised them it is great time!   Holly

Man, that was fun, fun, fun!   Jay

It was the highlight of my week! Thx Dan.   Kelly

WOW, what a fine looking crowd!   Sarah

When do you move to the coliseum?   Iggy

What an absolutely amazing time Dan! Thanks so much...I was totally blown away!!   Rob

We always try to beg the SD's to play longer!   Deb

Dan, that was good fun! Thanks !!!   Bjorne

Sweet, always a great time with the Shake Daddys!   Pete

Thanks Dan...Again more fun than imaginable!!   Chad

If you must get hooked on anything, music and dancing with these guys is a Great Start!   Cherry

Can't wait to see you guys again. Great stuff!!    Jill